Commercial Solar Hot Water

Substantial savings in natural gas, propane and electricity can be realized through the use of solar thermal in commercial hot water heating systems.  The size of these systems can range from small pre-heat to large scale hot water heating providing up to 90% percent of the heating demand.   Hotels, motels, car washes, breweries, restaurants, hospitals, schools, laundry facilities, recreational and fitness clubs are a few examples where solar hot water systems are very effective in reducing the amount of fuel used in heating water. Retrofitting existing facilities to solar thermal in many cases is a simple process. The use of Solar Thermal has been proven to extend the life of water heaters. Federal tax credits are available, 26% in 2020.    

We are continually amazed at the number of commercial facilities that we are asked to repair, re-commission or outright get the system to operate as designed.  Many of these facilities assume their systems are working perfectly when in fact they never operated properly from the original date of commission. We are experts in this field and have a high success rate at correcting any deficiencies.  

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