We finally got the go-ahead to start working on the existing large solar thermal system that heats the pools at the Montrose Recreational Center.  The system has never worked properly in the past 4 years since the Center was built.  Last week we added a data logger to the solar controller so we can see what the system is and isn’t doing.  This week we meet with the Building Automation company to start the process of getting the system to perform as designed. 3/13 – We got the solar and pool pump on a single controller, balanced the 8 collector arrays, added a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and fill valve. We flushed out the drain-back tank multiple times until it was clean.  We got all the leaks stopped so we can add pressure to the loop. The energy meter got damaged by steam coming through the lines, so that will need replacement down the road.  A few more refinements and we’ll be done.  Update 5/27/2020  The system has been running for a few months now and since the Recreation Center is shut-down due to COVID-19 all boilers that heat the pools have been turned off.  The 97,933 gallon Leisure Pool has been heated solely on Solar.  With no cover on the pool, the water temperature has been in the 72-74F. range.