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Contact us if you have any questions on your new or existing solar thermal system.


  • Inspection & repair:  We perform inspection, maintenance and repairs on new and existing solar thermal systems.  All solar heating systems require monthly visual maintenance to ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency.  The home or business owner should be performing these inspections.  Many of these systems operate under a closed loop that is filled with a propylene glycol water mix and is under pressure.  As with any mechanical system leaks may occur, expansion tanks may lose pressure, air may have gotten into the system resulting in poor performance and the system isn’t working as designed. We have run across a number of new and existing systems that were installed improperly and the owners have come to us to get their systems working.
  •  pH Testing:  We test the pH of the solar loop fluid as well as perform fluid replacement, temperature differential testing, making sure that your system is performing at design capacity.  We offer DHW storage tank anode inspection and replacement.
  • System Design: Designing a system and integrating the solar panels into a building, or a roof or property is an important part of the design process. We have a variety of collectors that work very well with a variety of architecture. Collectors can also be installed on the side of a building tying in to the architecture. All plumbing, mechanical connections and equipment are installed to conform to the latest building and mechanical codes.
  • Energy Monitoring:  We install LAN based remote energy monitoring systems hardware and software that allows the customer to remotely monitor and record energy production.  Many businesses like to display their renewable energy systems on their websites and on kiosks in their facilities, etc.
  • Energy conservation and building audit consulting – We provide a range of energy audit consulting for residential and small commercial buildings and facilities.  We have a successful track record of saving our customers money on their energy bills.